Worldwide Distributed
Virtual Hospital

Fullstack Integrated Digital and Physical Healthcare Services illuminate, to simplify, to clarify.

Medixbot is the world's first, “Worldwide Distributed Virtual Hospital” with a full stack integrated digital and physical healthcare services including:

  • Healthcare and telemedicine platform
  • Medixbot connector (a standard protocol and APIs for connecting any medical devices to any healthcare system)
  • Smart medical devices
  • KIOSKs (operated autonomously by Medixboter Robots)
  • Integrated healthcare institutes(clinics, labs, insurance, etc.), and
  • Charity care

About Us


Our Vision

Medixbot is revolutionizing the way healthcare is administered by remotely bringing patients to doctors at any time and anywhere. We offer quality primary care with the integrated wearable and at-home continuous monitoring and self treatment smart devices by allowing medical practitioners to provide diagnosis and treatment remotely and even in some cases automatically without the intervention of anyone.


Our Team

Medixbot is managed by a team of highly experienced leaders and engineers with vast experiences in different disciplines that pertain to our business.
We have a team of software engineers, mechatronic engineers, computer engineers and healthcare professionals with rich experience in the medical devices and software applications domain.


Our Story

Medixbot was birthed to alleviate the five key barriers in access to healthcare:

  • Geographic distance, facilities are too far,
  • Financial gaps, care is too expensive,
  • Lack of availability of key resources, like a well-trained health workforce, drugs and devices,
  • Poor acceptability, care provided does not meet the attitudes and expectations of beneficiaries and
  • Poor quality of care.

We do this by implementing the available highly advanced technology to meet demands in healthcare so as to provide a seamless experience in virtual care provision. We provide high quality personal care that is transparent and secure.


Our Value

We value our expertise that has been accumulated over a long time from different disciplines to come up with the best service delivery in healthcare. We believe in the power of health and technology and therefore aim to provide the best in the field for healthier people. We value high quality, transparency and privacy to patients’ information.

We believe in charity work and we consider it as one of Medixbot’s main goals as we as management and team know and have lived the pain as we come from such countries in the Middle East and Africa.



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Medical devices

Smart wearable full-stack CGM

Manage your diabetes with our CGM(Continuous Glucose Monitoring) device and forget the fingersticks.

How it works
The CGM measures your glucose levels continuously by use of a sensor inserted into your skin non-painfully. Sensor measures interstitial fluid glucose and transmits the values every five minutes to your mobile phone. You can track and manage your diabetes from your phone and you can also connect and share your trends with a doctor.

Personal-Clinic diagnostic device

Perform a medical exam in the comfort of your home using our MidiClinic device and get a diagnosis from your doctor.

How it works
The device comes with a set of plug-and-play apparatus/external units which are used to check heart and lung sounds using(stethoscope), throat (tongue depressor) and ears using an otoscope. It will be connected to our telemedicine platform and the doctor will be able to communicate with a patient in real time and share images and vitals, data and other sharable files.

Other smart wearable and at-home medical devices

We have a valuable and a very challenging roadmap of smart(AI/ML based) personal, wearable and at-home medical devices to be developed in the later versions. Those will include but will not be limited to;

  • Smart at-home/portable CBC (Blood) analysis device,
  • Smart online medical images diagnosis device,
  • Smart at-home/portable apnea monitoring and treating device, and
  • A lot more.

Telemedicine platform

With 24/7 access to doctors, our telemedicine platform allows people of different calibers to meet with their doctors remotely, anytime and anywhere in real time from their smartphone, tablet or computer. This is a cost effective solution especially to those who cannot afford the high value of medical care in their respective countries or abroad.


Primary virtual care

Doctors are available 24/7 to offer quick treatment and help you recover and feel better.


Behavioral care

Talk to a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist on demand to help you address behavioral challenges you may be having.


Chronic care

When you need to manage a chronic condition, we provide easy access to a qualified physician anywhere in the world, to help you just by a click of a button.

Medixbot connector

Connect any medical devices to any healthcare platform using the Medixbot connector

The Medixbot connector is an open standard/protocol that will be developed in Medixbot and we will be working with and supporting it into our telehealth platform and all medical devices. We will work with the community in order to support this open protocol and make it standard that is supported and used by any healthcare platform and any medical device.

Our platform and any other platform(supporting the Medixbot Connector) allows you to connect our medical devices or any other medical device(supporting the Medixbot Connector) that you have and share your data with a physician. You can enjoy the ability to have a real time consultation session with a doctor and get diagnosis, prescription and treatment.

We will also be developing and supporting this Open Standard protocol with an open source reference implementation APIs/SDKs(developed in different programming languages); whereby we connect medical devices (hardware) and healthcare systems (software) together including healthcare, telemedicine and remote health monitoring (RHM).

Our standard protocol/APIs/SDKs will have interoperability with other vendors and SDKs such as Samsung Health, Apple Healthkit and Android Google fit to make medical devices integrate with telemedicine platforms.

Charity care

Our Medixbot charity care program (Mccp) will play a critical role for individuals without access to healthcare. It is an integral part of making the needed but not affordable quality healthcare, available and affordable for many low-income people worldwide.

The Medixbot will include income and/or charity motivated doctors. So the Medixbot will be the platform for doctors and entities that are motivated by charity to help patients who cannot afford the cost of medication in poor countries.

Medixbot will be the perfect solution for doctors' desire to offer charity work for example in Africa but limited by distance and time and also limited by other factors such as language barriers, risky regions, etc.


Telemedicine features DoxyMe Amwell Tytocare AdvancedMD Medixbot
Real time treatment
Real time billing
Automated health reminders
Geographical independence
Integrated with medical devices
Protocol/API for medical device integration
In-home chronic disease monitoring
Integration with medical tourism

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